Misconceptions about arranged marriage abound. Romance authors are here to help.

Romance readers are no strangers to wedding bells; happily ever after is practically preordained. Lately, however, there’s a common twist on the marriage trope: depictions of arranged marriage within South Asian and Muslim cultures. Written by women with intimate knowledge of this particular happy ending, these books offer a corrective to misconceptions about the tradition….

For Chilly February, 3 Romances To Warm Your Heart

February is High Holiday season in Romancelandia (ahem, Valentine’s Day) and at this time of year, even those who are merely romance-curious seek some steamy recommendations. These three novels show romance that isn’t always what you might expect, but it’s often the heartwarming story you need. To read the full NPR article, please click here.

The 16 Hottest Romance Books Of 2019

Here are our top picks for the best new romance novels coming out this year. From royal trysts to rediscovered childhood sweethearts, these books prove that lust and love can be found in even the most unlikely places. To read the full Chatelaine article, click here.

Love-ly books to stoke your Valentine’s heart

Flowers and chocolates might be on the shopping list this week, along with these new novels of love, both lost and found. The Matchmaker’s List, Sonya Lalli Raina made a deal with her grandmother. If Raina hasn’t found a husband by age 29, her nani will compile a list of suitable suitors. Our heroine — half-Indian, half-white,…