10 Romance Novels that Tug at the Heartstrings (Publishers Weekly)


Author Libby Hubscher’s debut novel, Meet Me in Paradise, “is a poignant, emotionally authentic story of sisterly bonds and unexpected love.” (Publishers Weekly) Recently, she wrote about 10 of her favourite heartstring-tugging romance novels in Publishers Weekly, including Serena Singh Flips the Script.

“Every single aspect of Lalli’s latest book is touching—from Serena’s struggle to feel accepted by her family, to her strained relationships at work, to the love she let slip away and can’t seem to forget—but the emotional power it wields is sneaky. What seems like one woman’s quest to make an independent, satisfying life for herself is a story full of longing, loneliness, relationships broken and mended. While this one walks the line between romance and women’s fiction, the love story is authentic and satisfying, as Serena realizes that sometimes being strong means being vulnerable and letting one’s heart lead the way.” ~ Libby Hubscher

You can discover the rest of the books on her list on the Publishers Weekly site here.

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