A Holly Jolly Diwali by Sonya Lalli

Holidays with AAPIs [Northwest Asian Weekly]


A Holly Jolly Diwali was recently included in a group of book recommendations that are perfect for the holidays.

“Niki is someone many readers can relate to: Being caught between doing what we want to do and what we think we should do. She’s spent almost her whole life choosing the latter and her life has been, well, not terrible, but not great either. It’s just been fine. So when she starts doing the things she wants, she sees how life can be—and it’s better than just “fine.”

In addition to the romance, it was fun to read a holiday romance that wasn’t about Christmas. As a romance lover, I appreciate seeing the subgenre branch out and introduce readers to a culture and holiday they maybe didn’t know much about before. I hadn’t known much about Diwali before this, and really enjoyed reading about the traditions here and seeing how people celebrate this holiday.”

To read the whole article and check out the other recommendations, visit the Northwest Asian Weekly here.

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat - cover reveal

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat – cover reveal!


I’m celebrating Diwali by sharing the cover of my new enemies to lovers romance Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat, out April 18, 2023! . Do you remember Niki’s bad ass older sister Jasmine in A Holly Jolly Diwali? Well, she finally may have met her match in Jake when they both wind up on a ten-day Alaskan cruise together, having both tagged along on their parents’ vacations. Little did they realize it’s a seniors cruise, and they’re the only two passengers under the age of sixty. What could possibly go wrong?

Look at this beautiful cover:

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat by Sonya Lalli

Head over to the page for Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat for more info about my new book, including purchase info!

10 New Romance Books To Curl Up With This Valentine’s Day  (Chatelaine)


Reading and writing romance has taught me the genre is more about the journey than the destination. It can be about learning to live life authentically, accepting past hurts and mistakes or growing into better versions of ourselves. It can be just as much about the pursuit of self-love as romantic love.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wrote about 10 new releases that are about finding love in all its forms, whether you’re celebrating with your bestie, that special someone or the most special person of all—you.

You can read my article here on Chatelaine’s website.

18 holiday romance novels to make your season holly jolly (Entertainment Weekly)


There’s holiday magic and romance in the air! I’m so excited to share that Entertainment Weekly has included A Holly Jolly Diwali in this list of holiday-themed romance stories that will be sure to put you in the mood.

A Holly Jolly Diwali is a sweeping global romance that epically showcases India’s festival of lights.”

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