25 Romance Novels & Erotic Books To Keep You Company During Quarantine (bustle)


A lot of us are in the midst of practicing safe social distancing or self-isolation, and many people are turning to books during this time to keep entertained.

Bustle has rounded up the 25 best romantic books to keep you company. From feel-good rom-coms to some seriously sexy stories, this list has all the reading material you need to keep you occupied.

Here’s what they had to say about Grown-Up Pose:

“After a lifetime spent doing what everyone expects, Anu Desai is ready for a change. A newly single mom, Anu opens a yoga studio as part of her new lease on life. Her parents don’t approve of her separation from her husband, however, and as the protagonist of Sonya Lalli’s new novel tries to make a new home for her daughter from scratch, she has to wonder: is she doing what she really wants, or still trying to meet others’ expectations?”

To see the rest of the books on the list, check out bustle’s article on their website.

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